Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Well the thought of not having anything in our show it now just that. One of our guild members has gotten us in! Just when I thought I was safe, now I have to get things finished gggg I have entered 10 items, not sure that I’ll get them all finished, but am trying. Eight of them are skeins of handspun, one knitted and one hairpin lace.

We had a very good day last Wednesday at our State guild, they provided us with a lovely lunch, and surprise, surprise of course I just had to bring some little souvenirs home :) I bought some little 25g bags of tencel, bamboo, milk latte, about 4 bags of each. I am looking forward to spinning these, but I want to dye them first. I also bought a couple of books for myself and 2 books for the guild.

At the moment Fibre Forum is on in Geelong (large town 20min down the road) this is a large Textile Forum, another one is held interstate around Easter with various regional ones at different times. I usually go to the one in Geelong (it's so close I couldn't not), but this year a friend and I went to a regional one earlier in the year, and there were no workshops I really wanted to do. All of these have week long workshops and the piece de resistance is the traders ;-) ;-). I went out on Monday to the traders. Of course I was naughty and spent money, but then again I save for this all year. I bought about 5 books and ordered some for our guild, and silk yarn for weaving. I have to go back tomorrow to pick up the books and maybe on Saturday - their open day.

Three of us from guild have applied to attend the interstate one next April, the other two have got their workshops back, but I was tardy in sending mine (like it only went in the post this morning!), but I don't think I'll have any trouble in getting my 1st choice, which is millinery. (I am a milliner, and used to have my own business, but haven't worked for about 15yrs) I am getting ready to open an Esty shop as I said in my last post. I hope to have it up by the end of the week or next week. I have photographed the work I have ready, now to set everything up.

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Stasia said...

Yay! Can't wait to see your Etsy shop - best of luck with it!

You sound BUSY as ALWAYS. :)