Friday, 9 February 2007

Thankyou for everyone’s kind words both here and privately.

I have fallen in Love – head over heels – in love!!!! And what is the object of my affection? Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby. It is lovely, it is well photographed, well written. It is full of inspiration for any textile artist or anyone who delights in a little luxury. Although not a frequent knitter of lace, (heck I keep away from knitting lace as much as possible, I do plain knitting, aran knitting, some colour work – but not lace ggg) out of the 36 patterns in the book there are only 2 that are not screaming for me to knit. I also found the information that Jane Sowerby presented on the history of lace very interesting and also very readable, making this book not just a pattern book but a reference one as well, and a great addition to the coffee table. It is a delight just to browse through the on location photos, the details of the scarves and stoles are detailed enough to see the actual knitted pattern. Then there is a section on how to understand lace and lace design, and charts, how to block, knit on a border design your own shawl/scarf. All in all this is a very inspiring book and not just another lace knitting book. It is a book I will treasure for many, many years to come.

Just to show that I have knitted at least one lace item, here is a photo of a stole I knitted last year from the XRX book on scarves, another great book.

And this photo is one of free knitting, not quite traditional lace, but ……

This is my sample of weaving crocheting from my UKOnline guild crochet workshop.

Another of my babies

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Saturday, 3 February 2007

I have probably spent too much time at the computer these last couple of weeks playing with paint programs, for the UK Online Guild workshop for January on Computer designing. It has been a lot of fun to take a photo and play in these programs, even switching from one program to another, to use the different effects each has. There are several web based programs, some that you can download free and of course we have Paint shop Pro, and Photoshop. These are just a couple of effects with the one photo. This is the oriainal photo I started with.

Then I:
liquefied it in Adobe Photoshop

After a few more effects I then used the mosaic antique effect

and then the weave effect

and then I liquified it again

This has been so much fun, I'm not sure what or how I am going to use these in my designing. I can see end products in patchwork, tapestry weaving, dyeing, maybe even some batik or gutta resist on silk. And even just printing up the photos. The change of colours after the first liquify came about when I used the foil effect.

My weaving is going slowly, my knitted neck warmer is also going slowly, this is my second one. I am now doing some crochet weaving as this months’ UK Online guild workshop is on Crochet, including – this week – weaving, then Tunisian, I decided to order myself a loom for this: (I hope this will hotshoe) broomstick and Hairpin lace. I have done a little bit of this before, so this should be an interesting workshop. Other workshops for the year include Summer and Winter weaving, fleece challenge – Bowmont, may not be able to take part as there may not be enough fleece, spindle spinning, I think this would be a challenge over the internet! Hedgerow dyeing, spinning yarn for embroidery, nalbinding, advanced twill weaving, and a stash exchange at Christmas time. This is a very informative guild to belong to, and you also receive their Journal monthly.

It is going to be in the mid to high 30sC/80s-90sF over the next couple of days. I HATE the heat! I may quietly melt. We are in the middle of a very severe drought, the worst in all our history! We are not allowed to water our garden with fresh water, so we are recycling all our used water. All our laundry and downstairs bathroom is going into an old bath under our back decking and we pump that out on to the garden using our normal hoses. It takes a bit of running around and slows down our washing somewhat. Derek has put soaker hoses on the kitchen outlet and the downstairs shower. Unfortunately we can’t do much with our upstairs bathroom as it runs in the wall and floor/ceiling cavities. But Derek is looking to see what he can do. Anyway I try and do our laundry when it is going to be very hot. (I do do it regulary at other times gggg)

Here are my babies


and Samson

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Thursday, 1 February 2007

The opening Post of On Gossamer Wings

Wow I did it!

I have finally organized a blog for myself ggg This is going to be real fun keeping this up dated. I hope you will all bear with me, as I travel along this road. Where is this blog heading? where am I heading? Let's travel that road together.

I'd better tell you a little more about myself from what is in my profile. Besides my two Siamese "babies" have two dogs - a Pomeranian and a Kelpie - Kim and Sox, they all run our home. I have an aviary with some native birds; we have chooks and two of our daughters' horses - a Shetland pony and a palomino with whom she used to do show jumping.

In 1991 I began an advanced certificate in studio textiles, this is where I learnt to weave. When Moira was about 6 she wanted to learn to spin, so that is when I first learnt to spin as well. Until I went to college, I ran a bridal and special occasion millinery business from home, I also made silk flower bouquets and arrangements. I had to close the business while I was at college as I didn't have time for it, and I've never reopened it.

My crafts, my spinning, weaving, knitting take up a lot of my time, they are what I 'do'. But the question "who am I" is more important. Being wife and mother is a nurturing role and that is a role I extend to all of our earth and the people whom I meet on this road. I am also a spiritual person, I believe we are called to do ordinary things extraordinarily well. I know I very often fail at this, but it is something I strive to do.

Spread your Wings and SOAR