Sunday, 2 September 2007

……..And 6 Months Later!

I don’t know where this time has gone, but gone it has. We are now heading into Spring. We had some quite good rain in July, but alas not anywhere near enough to break our drought.

I have been spending some time up north with Moira and I fly home this coming Thursday. It has been a very nice, quiet and relaxing break. I still struggle with the weight of my case! Trouble is I am on holiday and what do I like to do on holiday – read! And of course books weigh a ton! I only bought one knitting project – cancer hats for breast cancer victims. I am making a hair pin lace stole from my hand spun variegated silk, in the colours of the inside of a seashell. So that too has come, I’m hoping to get it finished for our show in October. I am halfway through the last strip and now have to decide how I want to join the strips. I have also bought a spindle that I am spinning very bright variegated silk on which will be plied to a similar colourway of “Optim TM” (this is the “silky” merino created by our CSIRO where twisted wool sliver is stretched some 40-50% making each fibre 3-3.5 microns finer. The reduced fibre is then chemically set in this finer form. The result is a fine, lustrous, silk soft and strong fibre. X-rays show that the processed fibre is closer to silk in structure while being stronger and finer that its parent wool. See: if interested)

I left my studio in a total mess. I had certain things I wanted to get done before I left, but …………… The trouble is I keep acquiring things that need to be housed and not getting rid of other things!!!!!! In other words I need a bigger space. Derek suggested I store some things in the ‘tack’ room, but I don’t really want to do that as I like to have everything in my studio where I can see it. Out of sight – out of mind – and I forget I’ve got it! As it is most of my fleeces are out in the caravan and there is even some cones of fine wool. My other big lack of is -- time! I just never seem to get anything done!

At the weekend Moira and I watched all the Harry Potter films, and Tuesday we went to see the latest one (again!). It was fun. Although I enjoy them, after having read all the books I find the films rather scattered and fractured. When I get home I am going to start re-reading all the books or at least listening to them. Moira is reading them now.

I have been naughty and been playing on ebay the last couple of weeks, I bought some cotton yarn, and some back issues of Weavers ( missed out on several auctions of issues I don’t have, Oh well I will gradually acquire them) and The Weaver’s Journal, and a couple of weaving books. Looking forward to the post again! J Now I need to stay off it for awhile. Unfortunately all but one item comes from the US, so postage is nearly as much and in some cases more than the item!!!

I have also been on the Esty site, Well actually I’ve been squandering too much time over there ggggg (managing not to spend anything) I am thinking about creating a store there for my millinery and some jewelry. I’ve been thinking about re-opening my millinery business for a couple of years, but don’t seem to have the enthusiasm or time to do it. Perhaps seeing how things sell here might give me the push. I have several hats and bridal pieces ready to go.

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zippiknits said...

Well, we did decide that blogs were a way to keep track of each other. LOL..

And what about making a big list, via your word processor on the computer, of all things you have stored in the tac room? If you take something out into the main study, put a piece of that new stripable quilter's tape over that item so you can move it back later without messing up your list.

Oh how I remember that suitcase of yours, full of hard cover gift books! In fact it was filled with just about all books.

Nice to see you posting again, and keep it up please. =o)