Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Last Tuesday week we lost my beautiful Koko. It all happened within two hours. He got a blood clot due to underlying heart problems, which we knew nothing about and he was at the vets only a fortnight ago. I just can't believe he's gone. He was
only 9yr.

Oh my darling Boy, my baby
All my babies are special in their time, but you will always be extra special.
Your startlingly blue eyes, which you would cross when you thought I'd done something silly...
Your long "spider" paws...
Your big "batty" ears...
You would snuggle and cuddle...
You were so handsome, so svelte, so regal as
only a Siamese can be and yet at times you could look as ridiculous as only such a Siamese can look!
You could lay asleep in a tangle with paws everywhere
with your soul mate Samson.
You would curl together
so intertwined that it was hard to determine who was who...

Oh my baby boy
you were my first Siamese...
You taught me what made a Siamese so special,
because of you we have Samson.
With only 6 months difference in your ages you became instant and
inseparable soul mates.

You will be forever in our hearts
We miss you so much
You are my special love,
my darling baby boy.