Saturday, 23 January 2010

Still Working!

I am still working hard to try and catch up with my textile art project for the Maharajaha's Garden. I have done the shibori shaped and dyeing and some of the embroidery on the base piece, I finished the weaving last night, as I haven't been able to sit or stand long enough to do any, and most of that has been done in the last couple of days. I then dyed it flat and then pulled up all my shibori lines and steamed it, didn't get to bed until 12.30 this morning. Now I have attached the weaving to the back piece and there is still more embroidery and beading to be done. It needs to be in the post by the 29th at the very latest!!!!!

I'll add a few photos of the process. Hope I'm not boring anyone ggg

The silk all tied up for shibori dyeing

While dyeing

After dyeing and untieing

Some threads and braids pinned down ready for couching

The woven piece all pulled up after shibori shaping and dyeing.

Woven piece all stitched down

close up of weaving

Some embellishment done with the hand felting tool

Spread your Wings and Soar


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