Thursday, 1 February 2007

The opening Post of On Gossamer Wings

Wow I did it!

I have finally organized a blog for myself ggg This is going to be real fun keeping this up dated. I hope you will all bear with me, as I travel along this road. Where is this blog heading? where am I heading? Let's travel that road together.

I'd better tell you a little more about myself from what is in my profile. Besides my two Siamese "babies" have two dogs - a Pomeranian and a Kelpie - Kim and Sox, they all run our home. I have an aviary with some native birds; we have chooks and two of our daughters' horses - a Shetland pony and a palomino with whom she used to do show jumping.

In 1991 I began an advanced certificate in studio textiles, this is where I learnt to weave. When Moira was about 6 she wanted to learn to spin, so that is when I first learnt to spin as well. Until I went to college, I ran a bridal and special occasion millinery business from home, I also made silk flower bouquets and arrangements. I had to close the business while I was at college as I didn't have time for it, and I've never reopened it.

My crafts, my spinning, weaving, knitting take up a lot of my time, they are what I 'do'. But the question "who am I" is more important. Being wife and mother is a nurturing role and that is a role I extend to all of our earth and the people whom I meet on this road. I am also a spiritual person, I believe we are called to do ordinary things extraordinarily well. I know I very often fail at this, but it is something I strive to do.

Spread your Wings and SOAR


zippiknits said...

Judy thank you for sending the link to your blog. I am going to link your blog on mine as well so that the girls can see some awesome affects using color. I've told them lots and lots about you and now they can see for themselves.

Kylia said...

Thanks for writing this.