Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sumptuous Surface Embroidery
I still have some work to do on my piece, but have stopped to design the second piece. I am using the plaited cable stitch as a frame, and I still want to add some more stitching to the bottom left hand side and square out the lower right hand corner a little more. 

 I am also thinking of removing the stitching within the shell. With the low relief filling stitches the shell tends to disappear into the background.
For my second design, I am thinking of a colourful hanging basket. The colourful flowers will be worked in high relief, the wall to which the wrought iron hanger is attached and the hanger will be low relief.
My other design idea was a butterfly. The butterfly and the upper left low relief and high relief in the lower right hand corner. These divided roughly 2/3s 1/3 on the diagonal, and the butterfly over lapping 3 out of the 4 sides of a frame. I will probably embroider this at some stage anyway.

I think Sharon is looking for a more abstract work, and as much as I like some of the abstract work, especially that, that shows up in "Stitch" and "Workbox", I am not very good at designing such.  I’ll see what she has to say about my designs.

I have been busy on The Book Depository site again. Friday the mail brought me another new book, this time "Elizabethan Stitches – a guide to Historic English Needlework" by Jacqui Carey, a couple of weeks ago "Crewel Twists – Fresh Ideas for Jacobean Embroidery" by Hazel Blomkamp, both extremely lovely books on the subject.  I also have on order "Early 20th Century Embroidery Techniques" by Gail Marsh.  I already have her 18th and 19th Century books. I have so many lovely embroidery books I really should be doing more of it. Time, Time, time….where does it go…. sigh!!!  
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