Friday, 11 January 2008

A New Year

Things have quietened down somewhat here. Tess and the boys only stayed a week, they went home last night. Tess and I spoiled ourselves yesterday morning and spent a hour or two at our local Spotlight store (a material/ craft/homewares store) on our own – no boys! Tess makes cushion sets, notice boards etc and sells at craft fairs, so we had a lot of fun, although she only got a couple of pieces of fabric that were on sale. I also got crystal beads that had been really marked down and some yarn.

I made a couple of necklaces and earing sets for presents this year, here are a couple that I remembered to photograph.

The top left is the one I made for my mother's 80th birthday on December 21, the pink one top right is one I made for Moira to go in me stocking, and the starfish one is another pic of one I made very early in the year. I also made a crochet wire set with multi coloured aventurine, which I forgot to photograph before I sent that off. So beading is playing a big part in my creativity at the moment.

We have had a week of really hot weather culminating with the last two days being 40+C/100+F. I really do not handle hot weather these days. Thankfully we have not had any major fires so far.

Mum goes into hospital on Tuesday for bilateral knee replacements. She will probably be in hospital/rehab for about 3 weeks.

My reading material at the moment is the 6 O'Malley Chronicles by Fr Andrew Greeley. I thing they are a fabulous story of a Catholic Irish Americain family from Chicago. I have also just finished his "The Making of the Pope" - the election of Pope Benedict XVI and what it means for Catholics today.

Derek and Moira will probably go back to Queensland at the end of next week to pack up her house and depending on whether they can get through the floods that are happening up north, bring her furniture etc back here or if they can’t get through put it into storage up there.

Two weeks into the New Year and things are starting to get busy again!

A New Year, a time to think of new things, new beginnings, new thoughts, new starts. We don’t have to wait for the beginning of another year to make new starts, change our lives, we can do that each day, each moment ….. but do we?

Spread your Wings and Soar



zippiknits said...

Judy, the necklaces are so lovely! I am happy that you are continuing along with the new hobby.

I am going to answer your email tomorrow when it the day for catching up with that. Mid month we are getting window replacements and everything has to be out from under the window inside and out for that huge job. But, as I say, tomorrow I can sit down and catch up other news.

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